Kimberly – Syrian Beauty

This Syrian beauty is a sight to behold! Especially when she is down on her knees stuffing her hungry mouth with thick juicy cock! But she considers most Westerners filthy! Westerners? You mean us? What Westerners? I think Kimberly confused us with those other guys from Incredible Dollars. We’re not Westerners. We’re Egyptians! If Kimberly only knew the true origin of that cock in her mouth, would she had done things differently? Will she still play hide the salami in every orifice in her body, not knowing if the people she hates so much is actually one that is attached to the cock she’s playing with?

The drama would soon unfold as this Muslim slut decides to play hooker for us. She managed to be a busy little girl doing us lots of sexual favors. Two of those included some mean gagging as she worked that stud’s cock to woody submission. She also got her twat well-oiled for a fierce meeting between Egyptian cock and Syrian pussy. She wanted us to fill the emptiness between her legs! I see the desert sun isn’t the only one that sizzles in this side of the world! Of course, we keep telling her we hate Americans too. We’re just trying to hide our Bostonian accents. Hot damn, great Arab sex here, folks! And this American-hating Arabic slut has a lot to offer!

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Sexy chick gets fucked in many positions

So is this sexy chick with her slim body and perky little tits Arab, Indian or something else? I think the label says Arab, but I hope you forgive me if she’s not – she sure is hot and worthy of a look. Click at the picture for a free gallery of this hot young babe gets proper fucked!

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Christine Abir – Kuwait’s Best Kept Secret!

Christine has a lot to bitch about and most of her kvetching had to do with us Americans. She says Americans are too full of themselves and Americans want to control the world! Americans this… Americans that! We’re nothing less than the devils they read in the Koran! But we want to tell her that not all Americans are overbearing assholes. We can be nice people. We do have hearts of gold too. But despite our efforts, Christine never backed down. The Boss has gotten tired of her talking and did one maneuver that surely shut her trap. He reached down into his pockets, really hard and pulled out a huge wad of cash. Christine’s eyes bulged as she saw that much dough. And yes, her mouth suddenly stopped flapping and went slack with amazement. It was only then that her views had suddenly become agreeable. She confesses that American dollars had been her first love, add that with another of her loves and you have a porno. I guess you already know what that other love is.

Sooner than we can say Kuwait whore, Christine goes all out American cock. This twenty-two year old may have a distaste for Americans, but see how quickly she changes her mind. She hunkers down for a generous meal of woody, enjoying it like it’s last piece of edible meat on Earth! She then gets down and dirty, spreading her pussy lips wide for American meat! She eagerly plunges our stud’s red hot poker into her young and willing twat! She wants to show how nasty she can be for the almight dollar, and the almighty cock! Not bad for a first timer!

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Cleopatra orgy

Obviously this is a set as the camera wasn’t invented that many years ago ;) But it’s still worth a look, in this gallery we feature what appears to be an Egyptian princess with a nice bush. Check her out as she takes on two hard cocks at the same time!
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Movie: Arab chick gets fucked in hotel room

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Double fucking Iness the hot arab babe

Iness is a young 19 year old Arab slut. She lives in Lille. Her dad is Arab and her mom is from France and this is why she has suck light skin color. Make sure to see this hardcore scene where she asked us to be fucked by 2 perverts but also choosing to stay anonymous to stay away from trouble in her hometown. In this video, you’ll see this Arab chick taking it twice as hard in the mouth and pussy by our lucky stunt cocks.
Iness Teamed by 2 Pervs

Sandra is From Algeria

Our newest Arab babe is from Algeria. Sandra is the artist name she chose for her very first shoot. She asked us not to reveal her real name and naturally, Rebel Arab Sluts respects our customers privacy. She’s shy and she has a very hairy pussy. She is a real rebel because she likes sex so much. We met with her in a nice little hotel for her casting. She wasn’t too sure, but here at Rebel Arab Sluts, every woman is beautiful and we offered her the chance to impress us with a solo performance. Make sure you discover this pure Arab chick, by clicking the image of Sandra below, you can see more pictures and joining Rebel Arab Sluts, will guarantee that you get plenty of fresh andĀ genuine Arab sex!
Sandra From Algeria

Karima Sensual… still a Slut !

This casting is like no other you’ve ever seen. Karima is from Clichy and she is absolutely gorgeous with her big blue eyes. She speaks really well and explains how she got here and her desires. You’ll find in her movements all the natural Oriental sensuality, like when she’s taking off her bra and her string to show her tight little pussy and her wonderful rack.
Karima Sensual... still a Slut !

Sherazad Pure Butter !

Sherazad is 20 years old and she is a hot rebel living in Paris. She was born in Algeria and left when she was 18, trying to find a sugear dady in France. She is also known as Karla and she chose Rebel Arab Sluts for her fist hardcore shooting. A real steamy scene where she masturbates, sucks on a dick et is being fucked in the ass like the rebel slut she really is.
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